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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Aug 12, 2015

Gangstercast 65 comes from the highly regarded New York based DJ/producer ‘DBow’ 


Danny “DBow” Bowman has been a feature on the New York City House scene since the early 90’s and has played alongside some of the figureheads of House music. DBow has worked with a number of labels through the years including Farris Wheel Recordings, Good For You Records and Beatdown Music.


 Recently DBow has been creating remix’s for Todd Terry and his In-House Record Label, and continues to play in clubs all over NYC including the Verboten, as well as all across the US.


You might know DBow from his banger “Get Involved” that came out in the early 2000’s on Beatdown Music. The song was backed by the legendary Frankie Knuckles, who’s remix received huge commercial success on a global scale.


We asked DBow how this mix represents him as an artist, to which he responded; “Well iv been listening to this music from a really young age so the old school vibe of this mix def represents a lot of what inspired me and what I was listening to growing up”


He drives home the idea that house music is alive, well and growing from explaining what the House Gangster movement mean to him; “House Music... Low Riders... For the ladies....Party for a Living ...Just Blaze ... Always Keep hustling, Keep Grinding, Keep it real, and Keep it House.


DBow describes the House gangster sound as “a versatile mix of House on the Tougher side from Deep to Jackin to Tec with some Disco and hip hop flavours added in”. DBow exudes passion and excitement for his craft and describes House music as his life. “It’s my life really, its basically my Friend, My Wife, and my Therapist”.


Finally when telling us how he chose the tracks for this mix he described is process as slightly random, usually picking the first 2 tracks and taking it from there, just going off the vibe of what’s playing.