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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

May 11, 2016

Episode 83 of the Gangstercast series is orchestrated by Rob Paine from Worship Recordings. Rob’s roots run deep. From the moment he heard music as a youth, he knew where his mind, body, and soul would take him. That passion has provided the foundation for a diverse and eclectic musical immersion ever since!  He has been on a rapid rise from bedroom mix tapes to underground events to DJing internationally.  He, along with his Circle Production crew, created and curated some of the most epic parties in Philadelphia. In parallel, he began to flex his music theory education and production expertise by creating a broad range of songs across a myriad of genres such as house, techno, reggae, broken beat, dub, and down-tempo.


Rob formed WORSHIP RECORDINGS in 1998 along with Dan Thompson and Zack Eberz. This brand clearly reflected his vision to pay respect to the roots of music while inspiring him self and others to innovate for the future. In fact, in 1999 he was awarded the “Most Innovative Producer” by the Philadelphia City Paper.  Soon after, he and Zack began using the SOLOMONIC SOUND name for their productions and as a vehicle for releasing their dub-influenced house and techno tracks on Worship.


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When we sat down with Rob we asked how this mix represents him as an artist and he said, "most of the time I keep my mixes pretty heady. But this one represents more of what you would get out of me in a live setting. More of a freestyle selection. I really enjoyed mixing this.”


He went on to explain, "house music is my church. Unlocking instinctual tribal meditation through dance. Connecting my mind, soul & body with music completely.”