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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Jan 30, 2013

Ramon Tapia provides episode 3 of the Gangstercast - his mix is an eclectic 70 minute journey that perfectly represents his sound as a DJ covering everything from laidback funky jams to full on jacking floor shakers.

Ramon's heritage is equally eclectic - the son of a Dutch woman and a (literally) revolutionary Chilean musician, who moved to the Belgian techno capital of Antwerp.  The mix of cultures shaped Ramon's sound and his music has been snapped up by some of the finest record labels around - Remote Area, Intacto, Gem, Great Stuff, Turbo and many more.  He has also established his own labels Say What? Recordings and Aella Music and can also list remixes of Paul Weller, Armand Van Helden, Marc Romboy and DJ Sneak, among others, in his discography.

Ramon has a profound love for house music, just as all true House Gangsters do - he says "House made me into what I am, so it's been like a father and a mother but in a musical way."  In Ramon's words, the House Gangster movement is all about "one love, one family" and we can't argue with that!