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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Nov 26, 2014

Gangstercast 48 comes from Manu Gonzalez.

Manu Gonzalez is one of the rare breed of home grown Ibiza DJ/Producers. Born in Ibiza in 1990 this young DJ is now beginning to make a big impact on the Balearic Electronic scene.

Manu worked for many years in the famous Discos Delta vinyl store, the most famous record store and one of the best in the world, ordering and selling vinyls for all the famous DJ/Producers who were based in Ibiza. From the age of 15 Manu has been involved in the Ibiza scene, developing his own style based on quality music skills and sound experience learnt from dealing with the best professionals from this early age.

Manu has his own special way of understanding and interpreting Balearic music mixes with his influences ranging from Chicago House, Detroit Techno to the latest trends including quality tech house mixed with groovy cool touches of contemporary underground sound ALWAYS with the main focus being the dance floor and the crowd.

For such a young guy, Manu has already established an international fan base, Playing funky powerful grooves and old school style DJ sets all over the world in Mexico, Estonia, Austria, Germany, Scotland, Italy and Romania along with many other countries. Most weekends when not travelling abroad Manu is playing in Madrid, Barcelona and all over Spain, Including some on island winter residencies. Manu is playing regularly at what most people consider to be the best clubs in the world; Space, Pacha and Privilege. Since 2010 till 2014 Manu had a summer residency @ Privilege Ibiza "World Biggest Club".

When not DJing, Manu can be found in his studio producing and editing tracks for prestigious labels such as Natural Rhythm Berlin, Novo Music Spain or Get Funky, Romania. His tracks have been played and supported by Marco Carola, Luciano and DJ Sneak and many more who are all happy to work with the sound of Manu. Manu has also recently remixed Hot Since 82's Restless ft Alex mills which hit 86 on Beatport top 100. With a cluster of DJ award nominations, Manu Gonzalez is considered to be one of the youngest and brightest DJ / Producer prospects which the Ibiza club culture has produced for many years. One thing is certain, you will be hearing a lot more from Manu Gonzalez in these years to come.

Starting on Friday 26th December at 11pm CET Manu will launch his new radio show on OpenLab - Limitl3ss. The show will air every week, exclusively on 89.9FM in Ibiza, Fomentera and worldwide on

House music means “Everything” to Manu. Explaining his true dedication to house music, he says; “My whole life is devoted to making, playing and finding the best house music I can, for me when I see a dancefloor reacting to my love of house music this is why I wake up in the morning and do everything I can to deliver the best possible music to any dancefloor.”

Asking what the house gangster movement meant to him, he says, “For me the house gangster vibe is all about authenticity and a real love of genuine house music, it’s obvious to me DJ sneak is looking for djs who are also heavily inspired by the true sound of house. Regardless of the genre trends in the end it all come back to real house music.” He describes the house gangster sound as “classic, underground house music.” Using words to describe it like ‘authentic’, ‘deep rooted’, and ‘timeless.’


Manu told us how he chose the tracks for this mix, he said, “When working in my studio I received the request to make this mix I instantly started to think about the content of the mix. having been a huge fan of DJ sneak for many years and loving his sound it wasn't difficult for me to do a little research and pull together the kind of mix that I truly believed sneak would love. I really believed in this mix and it’s so exciting for me to now hear that sneak does also.”