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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Jan 28, 2015

Gangstercast 52 comes from UK artist Junia. Junia, born & raised in Yorkshire UK has been DJing for 17 Years taking in gigs at some of the most noteworthy clubs in the UK such as Hard Times, Back to Basics & The Ministry of Sound.

As Junia moved into production more International gigs & residencies followed with dates throughout the USA & Europe furthering Junia’s notoriety on the underground house scene, allowing collaborations and releases with more recognised House Pioneers of the likes of DJ Pierre, K Alexi, & Victor Simonelli.


More recently Junia has released his latest music offerings on DJ Sneaks ‘Magnetic Recordings’ with DJ Support from heavyweights Doc Martin, DJ Sneak & Mark Farina to name but few and has also had music used by leading global brand Pioneer as part of their '20 Years of DJing" advertisements.


Also Junia’s remix skills have been requested by Gramaphodzie on his Disko Zoo label and underground house label ‘Doin work Records’ who have also recently released a further Junia EP entitled “The Awaited Ep” out now!


Talking about this mix and how it represents him as an artist, Junia says “This is a live recording in a club so is the real thing as far as experiencing what I do in a set, I am all about texture and contrast while DJing, I don’t like to lose intensity with the music.  I’m definitely not a simple one track after the other type of DJ and this mix demonstrates that.  We've got old & new music but I put it together in my style with edits and incorporate live remixing along the way but using the music as it was made, none of this push button pads stuff that does it for you now, I’m old school like that – it’s like turntablism just with house music, I like to call it "audiolism".


When asked to describe the house gangster sound and what the House Gangster movement means to him, he replied; “Musically it’s a "Come test us" attitude, show us what you've got! I’ve always been about that anyway.”


We asked Junia to tell us about how he choose the tracks and compiled this mix, to which he explains; “This is a club mix so the tracks choose themselves. Mixing them is the easy part but choosing the right tracks to compliment each other in the mix and create energy that could not be sparked otherwise is the thrill for me.


There isn’t enough DJ's that do this - you have to spark something in the music you’re playing that the crowd couldn’t feel just by listening to the originals at home or by twisting the effects knob on the mixer, Guys should be having to come over and peer through into the booth just to see what it is that’s goin on when a DJ spins, not just mundane mixing outro into intro!”