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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Sep 11, 2013

Gangstercast 18 - David Glass

David Glass is our guest for episode 18 of the Gangstercast - a UK based artist with an impressive discography taking in releases on Circus, Robsoul, Magnetic, Crossworld and NiteGrooves among many others. Hailing from Liverpool, David says that "the clubbing scene is a big thing there and helped me get into House. Going to nights such as Circus inspired me to DJ and make music. There's nothing better than seeing everyone happy on a dance floor listening to house music and i've been lucky to meet most of friends through House music!"

David's style reflects what the House Gangster sound means to him "Old school, underground, funky, jackin house music!" and he adds that, "The House Gangster movement means a lot to me because it keeps the people who love house music together and shows the newer generation such as myself what real house music is. The DJ's and artists involved have always stuck to their roots and not followed any trends, which I respect a lot."

"The tracks in the mix represent me as an artist because I love the old school sound of house music. How it should be played! In my sets I stick to playing underground house music with a groove, as you can hear in this mix.  The tracks on this mix are tracks i've been playing a lot, some older than others. some of these tracks are from labels and artists who have inspired me over the years to play this sort of music and produce it. The special thing about this mix is being asked to be involved in the House Gangster movement. I really appreciate it!"