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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Jun 10, 2015

Gangstercast 61 comes from Toronto-based House and Techno legend Carlo Lio. 


Some artists are content earning the label of “overnight sensation,” while others patiently rely on hard work, dedication, and perseverance to earn the title of “everlasting sensation.” The latter is unquestionably the case for enigmatic Toronto native producer/DJ, Carlo Lio.


Originally known for leading the pack of prodigiously talented Toronto producers, Carlo has utilized his trademark cosmic house and techno sound to cement his status among today’s prodigiously talented world-renowned producers.



For proof, look no further than his remix of the‘Diablo’ track on Cocoon Recordings. One of the greatest rewards an artist can receive is to be recognized by his musical heroes, and an even greater honor occurs when those heroes ask you to remix for them. Such was the case for Carlo when Dubfire and Oliver Huntemann approached him to remix ‘Diablo’. Without hesitation, Carlo accepted this project and the resulting track not only topped the charts, but it manifested Carlo’s personal dreams in a single shot. Ever since, Carlo’s discography has exploded, with his music catching the eyes and ears of some of the biggest labels in the market – SCI+TEC, Bedrock Records, MOOD, Desolat, Suara, Intec Digital, and Mindshake Records just to name a few. And in the coming months, Lio will be releasing remixes and collaboration projects for Mathew Dear (aka Audion), DJ Sneak, Paul Ritch, Carl Cox, and Nicole Moudaber.


As talented as Carlo is in the studio, his deep pulsing tech-house and shaggy techno beats are even more powerful with captivating dancers in clubs and festivals around the globe.


With home bases in both Toronto and Barcelona, Lio effortlessly maintains the life of a superstar DJ, continuously roaming the planet for new dance floors to conquer. This year alone has Carlo billed on some of the world’s biggest events, including BPM Festival (Mexico), Digital Dreams (Canada), Audiogate (Germany), Balaton Sound (Hungary), Barrakud (Croatia), Les Plages Electroniques (France) and Music On (Ibiza).


Having no intentions of slowing down from this pace anytime soon, rest assured Carlo Lio is at the top of his game, routed straight into the international limelight with a lifetime of accolades ahead.We asked Carlo to explain to us how this mix represents him as an artist to which he replied; “Well it def shows that I'm not just a techno head. Its very easy to be labeled in this game. So this mix gave me a chance to show a bit of my roots. Touch up on some funk & Grooves.” 


We caught up with Carlo himself give us a lil insight about this mix…..


Carlo describes the House Gangster sound as; “Very organic”. He says; “A ton of soul and personality and brings out the joy in people as music should.” 


House music means everything to Carlo. “Without house, there is no you or me. I owe my life to house.” 


Asking him in particular what the ‘house gangster movement’ meant to him, he stated; “Its about Never forgetting your roots. Its about staying to true to who you are as an artist / person and innovator!”


Telling us how he chose the tracks in compiling this mix for us, Carlo states; “Having a chance to do a 2 hour mix, i def went across the board. So i def got in some new joints but also dug back a bit and added some older favs of mine.”