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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Aug 28, 2013

Gangstercast 17 - S!LK

Italian but raised between United States and South America, S!LK is our guest for episode 17 of the Gangstercast.

Starting his house music career as a producer in 2012 his debut 'Warning EP' was released on one of the most exiting deep house labels, Plastic City. With further releases on DJ Sneak's Magnetic Recordings, Seamless and Elite, as well as upcoming projects for Luna Records, Moodmusic and a vinyl-only project for Seemless Deep, 2013 has been going off with a bang. S!LK can’t be pigeon-holed in any particular genre of house music, but his style is guided by deep and old school influences. Everything he makes in his studio is from scratch and there is never a ready-made sample in sight. While DJing, S!LK's style is more powerful, techy and groovy, while retaining the deep and soulful attitude.

S!LK says that his mix for the Gangstercast features, "Only my favorite and most played tracks. Is me and my dirty 909 house side.  I was talking with Sneak on Skype from the record store where I was looking for some vinyl - I spotted what I love and it was easy to simply play what I was feeling the most.  I recorded it after a night out with the House Gangster Family in Miami in my mind. I was in a very good mood poolside playing these beats with friends and the girl next door called the cops for the loud volume!  I explained to the cop that came "I'm a House Gangster!!""

Asked about being a House Gangster, S!LK replies, "It means House Family, and it absolutely means quality people with the right attitude to quality sound. House music means a lot to me. Let's just say that it saved my ass many times in past and is there bright in front of me for the future."