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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Jul 8, 2015

Following his 3rd release on IAHG titled ‘True Definition’ that came out just two weeks ago, the hugely popular Belgium-based DJ/Producer Ramon Tapia, returns to the Gangstercast series this week for episode 63.

With tinges of his Latin background lacing his percussion sections and his Dutch/Belgian heritage providing the basis for his hard-grooving Techno template, his sound is one that mixes organic, tribal rhythm and syncopation and electronic machinations to potent effect.

Ramon first joined I’m A House Gangster in 2013 with his ‘Intense EP’, followed by the massive ‘House Assignment Vol.1’ in 2014, and after providing us with one of the early episodes of the Gangstercast at the start of the series two years ago, we felt the time was right to bring back Ramon, as one of our biggest IAHG players for a second Gangstercast mix.

Prepare to hear all 3 original tracks from his latest EP ‘True Definition’ featured within this mix!

Ramon describes the House Gangster sound as “Boom tchack Tsss Tsss and hey Hooooo Heyyy hooo,”and describing his own IAHG sound as a “jacking, grooving, family affair!”


In Ramon's words, the House Gangster movement is all about "one love, one family" and we can't argue with that!