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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Aug 14, 2013

WOW! Gangstercast 16 is quite the special treat from Ibiza-based Mo'funk.  56 tracks of Gangster flavoured house, hip hop and party jams expertly squeezed into two hours.  And if that wasn't enough Mo'funk's production and DJ sidekick Sergio Selim (aka Don Dolla) also showcases his talents on the Talkbox!

Speaking of the mix, Mo'funk says, "It's a great opportunity to flex my range as a DJ. I'm not one to be pigeonholed into any particular sound, this mix shows the lengths I've gone to to select music from the years that have the 'gangster touch'.  When it comes to a mixtape, I got that game locked! After all, its how I first met Sneak back in 2006 at a friends BBQ in San Francisco.  Our Mergio tracks are now up and available for free download. 2 free EP's and 1 more to come next month (go to We've taken the elements of G-Funk and have made some fresh new sounds - a 100% dedication the sounds of the G! Gangster Boogie from the heart."

"I made this mix a little different to the regular Gangstercast sessions. As a versatile DJ I have to go back to my roots on this mix, for me, the Gangster movement started way back in the funk and boogie days of the late 70's and 80's with cats like Roger Troutman, George Clinton, Prince etc. I'm a huge fan of the G-Funk movement in Hip-Hop from the 90's and I certainly pay tribute to the artists that made those classics like Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, DJ Quik and all the legends in the gangster Hip-Hop movement. Of course there is sounds from the 80's Boogie era, classic Chicago House, and current House jams that have that element of the G. Expect to hear scratching, juggling, looping and all the techniques of what a real DJ is supposed to do!"

Mo'funk is a House Gangster through and through, with a deep rooted love of real, raw House music.  "Being a House Gangster is about having a true love for House music, its about standing up for what's right in a genre thats been tarnished so much lately from commercial acts wanting the $. House music is a feeling, that feeling you get when your entire body just wants to move, you feel it inside your soul, your whole being just wants to groove! House music is not a trend or fad, its a way of life! I will always be a G when it comes to showing people what real house music is.  It has elements of times past, influenced by all the greats that have made an impact in the musical landscape, the kicks are big, the hats swing, the baselines are always deep and funky. Its that sound that you just want to snap your neck to. Its got the disco, funk, and soul sounds of yesteryear with the techniques and vibe of today."

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1- MERGIO - Gangster Party
2- Jam XL vs Too $hort- In The Trunk
3- Barely Regal - Senor Groove
4- Dj Rasoul - Get Down Wit Yo Bad Self
5- J Paul Ghetto - Booty
6- Dj Sneak - Truly Gangster
7- Nick Jagger - Made Ya Look (Tripmastaz remix)
8- Snoop Dogg - Ain't No Fun (Sergio Selim instrumental remake)
9- Nate Dogg - I Need a Chick (dub)
10- MERGIO - Gigolo
11- Kurupt - We Can Freak It (instrumental)
12- Kurupt - We Can Freak It (Lp version)
13- The Dogg Pound - Respect
14- Snoop Dogg - Ride On (instrumental)
15- Mausberg & Dj Quik - I Can Feel That
16- Dj Quik - We Came 2 Play
17- Mack 10 - Only in California (instrumental)
18- Jayo Felony - Whatcha Gonna Do (instrumental)
19- Jayo Felony - Whatcha Gonna Do (Lp version)
20- Eazy E - Boyz in the Hood
21- NWA - Gangsta Gangsta
22- Ice Cube - Steady Mobbin'
23- The Notorious BIG - Going Back to Cali (instrumental)
24- Zapp vs EPMD - More Bounce to the Ounce (instrumental)
25- Stevie Wonder - Skeletons
26- Fingerman - Move That Bottom
27- George Clinton - Atomic Dog
28- E-A Ski & E-40 - Gangsta Funk (instrumental)
29- Zapp - Play Your Guitar
30- Raydio - For Those Who Like To Groove
31- Venice Beach - Waiting For You
32- Andrei - Trippin' Out
33- William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You Got (Aj mix)
34- MERGIO - Got It Goin On
35- Ed Wizard & Disco DoubleDee - On The One
36- Andres - Just a Player
37- Juan Laya - Sex Machine
38- Funk The System - Terapeutica Do Grito
39- Awon - Startime
40- Alkalino - Rock Shock
41- Zapp - It Doesn't Really Matter
42- Magnetic Soul - Word Up
43- Spirit Catcher - Rendezvous
44- Brevil - Kinki Disco Training
45- Prince - Head (Ghosts of Venice mix)
46- Dj Dealer - Thru The Night
47- Psychemagik - What a Funky Night
48- Vanilla Ace - Rockin'
49- Oliver Koletzki - Going Places
50- Jean Claude Gavri - Sequential Beats
51- Le Knight Club - Holiday On Ice
52- Wlll Monotone - Dem Mai Hoes
53- MERGIO - Feel That Way Again
54- Mark Castley - So Called What
55- Loco Dice - Pimp Jackson is Talking Now
56- MERGIO - La Isla Bonita