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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Oct 28, 2015

Darius Syrossian, his style, attitude and passion can be summed up with three words ‘TRUE, HOUSE, MUSIC’. Darius has always worked with these three words at the forefront of his mind, and reflects these principles through his music, music that never wavers from his devotion to the groove.

He is one of the core artists of Steve Lawler’s Viva family and has ticked off every major club and festival in an extensive touring schedule; his production skills have lead him to acclaim with labels such Area Remote, 8 Bit and Monique Musique.  

Darius’ sets have always had a Balearic edge, often playing heavy techno alongside really low slung deeper tracks. But no matter what, all his sets have the main emphasis focussing on the groove, these themes are very obvious throughout Gangstercast 70.

Darius and ‘I’M A HOUSE GANGSTER’ are a perfect combination, both parties prioritise real house music, no fad nonsense, a timeless sound.

“House Gangster sound is the sound of real House music that will never sound out of date and will always be relevant." - Darius Syrossian

Speaking to Darius his passion for his craft and his love of house music is obvious, not many other DJ’s show as much commitment and dedication to the genre in its purest form.

“House music is EVERYTHING to me, it’s more than just a genre of electronic music, it’s my passion ,I eat & breathe it!” - Darius Syrossian