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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Nov 25, 2015

Episode 72 of the Gangstercast is a live recording from Output Club in Brooklyn, orchestrated by the US house duo Cocodrills. Christian "Pridef" Diaz and Adam Cruz pride themselves on creating a unique musical experience, which can only be just that; experienced. But make sure to leave your pretense at the door 'cause you won't find any bullshit at one of their parties; only funky grooves, positive vibes and rampant debauchery.

When speaking to the guys we asked what house music means to them, they answered “sick beats, positive vibes and just a general way of life”. They went on to say ‘The House Gangster movement is beyond just music and more of a state of mind. It's about how you carry yourself and your overall taste in things”. Whilst the duo had a broad idea of what style of music they wanted to include in the mix, “ultimately everything is chosen on the fly”.

“A big THANK YOU to Sneak and Melissa for giving us the opportunity to showcase our sound. RESPECT!” – Cocodrills