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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Dec 23, 2015

Much can be said about Agent 818 (Nohe Gomez) as an extraordinary artist. A seasoned DJ, together as an innovative producer is what makes Agent 818 an immense MUST hear talent. Born and raised in Southern California, he found his passion for DJ’ing at age 15, and has been committed since. As a recording engineer student at the University of California Los Angeles, he evolved as an artist with a taste for creative exploration. Agent 818 is credited with a broad range of projects, ranging from sound design to scoring for film. His ventures have proved him to be dynamic as a diverse artist. Behind his drive is an on going passion for stepping behind the decks. “To me, spinning can be as creative as producing & remixing, DJ’ing is part of what draws me into making music” he says. Agent 818 cites DJ Sneak, Ben Watt, DJ Quik, Dr. Dre, Steely Dan & The Cure as some of his biggest influences. He says he pulls his creativity from his exposure to the Los Angeles urban elements, anywhere from the Hollywood after-hour scene, to driving to the beaches of southern California sitting in traffic and taking in the LA scenic views of graffiti decorated buildings. With his true passion for real Jack’n underground House music, Agent 818 is a must see DJ in action.

When speaking we asked what the House Gangster movement means to him, he answered, “The HG movement is something that I can relate to.  It’s a culture that goes deeper than the music. It’s a house music lifestyle, all day all night.” He then went on to explain, “For this mix I selected tracks with that Gangster vibe.  I pull tracks that keep it real with the OG sound. I also made a special remix to start off this special edition.”