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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Oct 8, 2014


Gangstercast 45 brings you a heady mix of underground dancefloor-driven funk and gangster-esque vocals coming from rising underground star Tizi. 

Tizi started Djing back in 2009, in her hometown Montreal, Quebec, where sub-genres of house music were still undiscovered grounds to her. “I was more into old school Hip Hop and RnB. It all changed a year later when I attended my first Piknic Electronik here in Montreal, in 2010. Nôze performed a live set and I was absolutely blown away.” 

From that point onwards her genre taste had changed and she started to hang out in clubs and bars that only played house music, whereby she attended a DJ SNEAK event for the first time. “I bought my ticket, and once again was blown away. DJ SNEAK lit Salon Daomé on fire. Went home the next day, looked up DJ SNEAK online and bought myself a “I’M A HOUSE GANGSTER” T-shirt and bandana.” 

She has since been an avid supporter of IAHG online, right from when the series began back in January 2013, and has even sent in several mixes of her own in sheer dedication to appearing in the series herself. 

When asked what the House Gangster movement means to her, she replies; “The house gangster movement is all about that family spirit. Sharing my passion with my homies behind the decks every night, connecting with the crowd, seeing familiar faces who come out just to hear that HG sound, repping/wearing my HG gear. We’re a big happy family!”

Her passion for being a true house music lover, who cares and respects the original sound of the underground, appears evidently within this carefully crafted mix; a mix that comes from the heart. 

Representing the House Gangster Girls, with this exclusive mix, she told us how it represents her as an artist; “It represents the grooviness and the funkiness I put in every set. When buying tracks, I'm always looking for that special bassline, catchy vocals or unique sounds/percs.”

As of yet, we have not even had the pleasure of meeting Tizi and only know her from her ongoing online support, but we can already safely say she's one very driven girl! Tizi is definitely one name to look out for in the future, you heard her here first!