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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Mar 12, 2014


From Grenoble in France, Stuff incarnates the revival of the French Underground House scene, alongside fellow countrymen Phil Weeks, DJ W!LD, Dan Ghenacia and Shonky.  Since 2007 he has also been associated with the great names in his local scene: Miss Kittin, Acid Washed, Oxia, Kiko and more.  It cemented his love of House music, “House for me is the sexiest music alive, with a raw sound, it doesn’t need too many words, it's all about this groove, no need to be too complicated, it's the good rhythm, the good tempo, that grow up slowly during a's like sex!”

Since his debut releases on David Carretta’s label Space Factory, Stuff has refined his sound to focus on House and the low Miami bass sound.  His sound reflects what we dig at I’m A House Gangster, and the Frenchman has his own take, “For me the gangster sound is when you are not afraid about dirty sounds, naughty basslines and groovy drums! For me the House Gangster is not only about the music, it's a culture, house music came from the street and need to still be alive there...especially today everybody want to sound "house"... but it's not real house!”

His Gangstercast shows Stuff representing all of his influences and musical background, “it’s somewhere between house, techno, electro or disco without limits and no compromising, only the music I love. It's exactly the kind of set I love to play - with old classics (reminds me my young days when I was too young to party) and new bombs with the same spirit, gangster, sexy, the classics drums that i love.  And I love the old conception about deejaying, to start softly, put the ambience, and step by step apply a pressure.”

Stuff’s next productions will appear on a label compilation released by HNQO/Play Per View, and he has also been approached by Amine Edge who will release another track on a compilation.

Stuff concludes, “I’m so Proud to be part of this family, DJ Sneak is like a Legend for me and all the artist inside this [Gangstercast] series are really representative of my sound today, so it's like a humble tribute and a big thanks to all of them and especially to my French friends Amine Edge and DANCE.”