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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Feb 13, 2013

When we do new episodes of the Gangstercast we like to do it proper, so for episode 4 we have one of the biggest characters in House music, Phil Weeks, and he's laid down no less than THREE HOURS of bumpin' gangster beats exclusively for the podcast. The mix is a live recording from 'Living Room' in Lugano, Switzerland, and presents the most raw taste of Phil behind the decks - funky, jacking and bumping grooves straight from the Chicago school of House.

When asked what House music means to Phil, his answer is simple: "I gave my life to this music since 1996, that should be enough said."  On the House Gangster movement he adds: "For me, it was a 100% positive move from DJ Sneak to create something to bring back motivation for all of us, the House lovers. It was created at a point when we were all feeling House music was slowing down and I was starting myself to get tired of all this new music called Electro, Minimal, whatever. House Gangsters have nothing to do with violence or gangster bad boys, it's just about fighting for the music we love."

Since 2000 Phil Weeks has released his unique brand of House music on some of the world’s leading underground labels including 2020 Vision, Music For Freaks, Brique Rouge, Magnetic, Detour, Adult Only and his own highly regarded Robsoul Recordings, which is responsible for the majority of his original output.  Robsoul has been responsible for his three critically acclaimed albums - 'Yeah I Like That', 'Love Affair' and 'Raw Instrumental’ - and the label has released music by DJ Sneak, DJ W!LD, Chris Carrier, Joss Moog, JT Donaldson and countless others … all House Gangsters to the core!