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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Nov 23, 2016

Episode 93 of the Gangstercast series is brought to us by Mikey Velazquez aka Mikey V. Mikey is a DJ, producer and vocalist from Los Angeles, California, who has been a staple on the West Coast underground house scene since 2006. He is best known for throwing the infamous HAWT underground parties. In 2014 Mikey found himself focused mainly on original productions and vocal projects, with releases on Classic Music Company, Dirtybird, Snatch!, Great lakes Audio, Cajual Records and Salted Music.


When we sat down with Mikey, we asked how the mix represented him as an artist, Mikey replied with “I like to keep things lively and fun with a blend of deep, jack, soul and tech.”


Mikey went on to explain, what house music meant to him “House music is my life. It truly saved me so many times and shaped me into the person I am today. I knew a long time ago this was for me, regardless of my place in it. When you know, you know. It’s more than just the music it’s the way of life.” We then asked Mikey what the House Gangster movement meant to him, he responded with, “It’s a game changer. I love how it stays true to that proper, raw underground sound that a lot of people maybe haven’t been exposed too, that’s so important. It’s been crazy awesome seeing it grow so much over the years, and I think it’s just the beginning.”