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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Apr 9, 2013

Gangstercast 08 - Massimo DaCosta

Belgian DJ and producer Massimo DaCosta is responsible for episode 8 of the Gangstercast.  Since the early 2000's Massimo and production partner Vernon Bara, under the name Vernon&DaCosta, have become one of the most prolific House duo's around with releases for top labels like OM, Yellow, Aroma, Robsoul, Amenti, DIY, AMA Rec, OFF and Icon.  In 2010 they launched their own label Homecoming Music working with some of the world's finest underground house producers, and 2013 see's them launch a new alias 'Raw District' torelease their deeper and darker influenced House sound. When he’s not focusing his energy on studio work, Massimo can be found performing quality deep and house sets at his H20 residency in Belgium and all around the world.

Massimo says his mix for the Gangstercast is, "a perfect mixture of what I'm feeling and playing at the moment: deep or more punchy house tunes with a fine combination of white soul and black music."  As with most of the Gangstercasts there was no huge pre-planning, Massimo just got in the mix and went with the flow.  Of the end result he simply says, "I hope people will enjoy the mix as much as I did doing it."

Speaking of House music and the I'm A House Gangster movement he adds, "House Music is the only thing that can make you smile when you are all sad or tired. You know what I mean? … IAHG is more a movement than just a musical concept or a label. A lifestyle, a way to express love for true house music and for oldschool street and urban values. It's not about criminals or violence, it's a reaction against bad and crappy mainstream electronic music."