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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Feb 12, 2014

Gangstercast 29 Johnny Fiasco


A true veteran of the House scene, it’s a real pleasure to have Johnny Fiasco join us on the Gangstercast.  For more tun 20 years, Johnny’s music has stemmed from his grounded Chicago roots and continues to influence the deep house genre of dance music. From acid house down to organic soulful melodies, his style is always composed of musical peaks and valleys. Johnny has remixed some of the world biggest musical stars including Justin Timberlake, Bob Sinclair, DJ Sneak, Armando, Bassnectar, Kaskade, Paul Johnson, Samantha James and Soulstice just to name a few. Ask Johnny about his career and his passion for House is so strong he’ll tell you he’s just getting started.

Johnny’s mix is a real journey through house music: ”This mix has all the peaks and valleys I always try and deliver.  It's been a very productive year so far. I wanted to showcase new and old. From the deep n dirty vibes down to the core of acid house. The last track has always been a favorite of mine, a very jazzy downtempo cut I've played for almost 2 decades, still sounds fresh.”

The Chicago DJ and producer also has his own unique take on the House Gangster ethos: “I believe the movement is all about keeping the fundamental rules in place but not limiting your experience.  It's about knowing what is real… and what isn't. The House Gangster movement in my eyes represents the very core of House music. It's all about the incredible driving force that inspires, drives and excites that person who goes to a club and knows what they're looking for.  We would always choose a hot sweaty basement with a room full of people connecting with the DJ over any flashy club with table service. No contest. Ever.

The House Gangster sound?  “Chicago and Detroit finally admitted to having a baby… and she can slap you around. Don't mess with her.”