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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

May 27, 2015

Following on from his second release titled 'This Ain't No Rave' on I'm A House Gangster  2 weeks ago, Miami badboy Jesse Perez returns to the Gangstercast for episode 60.


This is Jesse's 2nd mix for the gangstercast series. Sneak is the only one who has ever done 2 mixes, but Jesse is one of our few absolute favourites who we wanted to hear more music from. 

Following his 2nd release on the IAHG label with 'This ain't no rave' earlier this month, we felt the timing was right to bring him back for another episode. 


We asked Jesse; "What does the House Gangster movement mean to you?"


"Its the last of the Mohicans. A movement of those who still do things because their passionate about it. Nothing short of that," says Jesse.


Asking Jesse to describe the House Gangster sound, he replies with; "It's hard to describe it in one way. I think there are many different interpretations of it. Mine is "if it don't make that ass shake,it aint gangster".


House music to Jesse simply means; "Independence in every way possible. "