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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Sep 25, 2013

Gangstercast 19 - Jade Cox

Jade Cox' signature house, jacking, and acid sounds make their way to the Gangstercast, and she takes the title of being our first female guest.  Jade's inspiration comes from the likes of inspiration from the likes of stellar house labels/brands Robsoul, We The Brand and I'm a House Gangster.  She is well established as a performer all around the UK, including countless gigs in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Antrim.  She can also be found spinning weekly on Chicago House FM, and having recently released her debut EP for Robsoul Recordings, thing are coming together very nicely for this talented young lady.

The Gangstercast gives a glimpse into Jade's record box and inspirations, and featured some of her own unreleased material.  She says, "the mix represents some of the styles from the past that influence my sound now, all sides of house music that inspire me.  I went through my vinyl collection and dug out some of my favourite tracks that I thought would sit nicely together with a few current tracks. I wanted to create a timeless feel for this mix, something a bit different."

Often photographed in her 'I'm A House Gangster' t-shirt, Jade is clearly a dedicated player in the cause: "The House Gangster sound to me is real, underground house music. Solid drums and raw, jackin vibes.  The whole HG movement means a lot to me as it brings people together from across the world who have a genuine passion for real underground house music. As DJ's, we don't follow a trend, we play from the heart. It's about keeping that true house sound alive.  House music is an everyday thing for me, I work on my music every day, and it's something I've wanted to make my career for a long time. It means so much to me."