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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Dec 19, 2013

Gangstercast 25 - JDub

With releases on Greenskeepers Music, Drop Music, Blotter, Maracuja and Homecoming, JDub has certainly worked with some of the top labels in underground House music.

House has had a huge impact on him, “opening doors for me that I never even knew existed, and enabling me to meet the love of my life, my best friends, people from all over the world because of this music. House Music has been my shelter, my food, my refuge, my savior.” House has also seen JDub tour the world playing in London, Paris, Instanbul, Belgium, New York, LA, Toronto, Montreal, and countless other cities.

In preparing his 90 minute mix for the Gangstercast, JDub says, “these are the tracks that I’m loving right now that best represent my personality and the message I’m trying to bring across. It’s very personal all the way through from the Eric B and Rakim vocal to the DJ Sneak remix of Master of Time, a Frames track featuring yours truly on vocals. I’ve been very focused on live performance and vocals for the last few years. Whether it was with the Greenskeepers or being featured on multiple projects, I took a big step back from DJing to develop another side of my talent and interest. The tracks featured on this mix make me really excited to DJ again, to wake up and just go hard for hours on end creating this set. Derrick Carter has been a huge influence on me throughout my career so of course he’s also got a track on this mix. I’ve got my San Francisco producers, DJ Dan and DJ Mes here, Carlo Lio representing Toronto, Asad Rizvi from London, some classics including Brand New Heavies and few others. I don’t want to give it all away. I like for people to listen and discover for themselves like I do. That’s how you mine the gems out the dirt.

“The mix has all the elements of music that inspire me everyday: Heavy Beats, driving percussion, lethal baselines, clever samples, soulful vocals, a sense of humor, a few surprising twists and turns especially the Hip Hop themes that run through the mix. Hip Hop has always been a huge part of my approach to being a House DJ. Putting a strong message in the music is so important and Hip Hop does that like no other art form. It was really important for this mix that I reinforce my Hip Hop roots and weave together all my main obsessions: House, Hip Hop, Tech-House, and that relentless essence of the mix that I’m all about.”

Focusing on the House Gangster movement, JDub adds that for him it is about, “loving your House music and House DJs through all the trends and fades that come along and recognizing how incredible this music is every day. You live it through the music, the fashion, the attitude, the parties you go to, what you spend your cash on, and standing up for your musical principles. When I was coming up in Chicago, people dressed House, they spoke a House language, there was a graphic Art style that was House, it was a culture that permeated everything and you pledged your allegiance to it in spite of the fact that the mainstream treating it at best as a passing fade and at worst as a threat to traditional values. Being a House Gangster reminds me of that time.

“People should be proud to represent what they love with no holds barred, no shame, and in a wider global culture that supports the artists, the music, the venues, and the labels that create this movement. It also means have the time of your life, having experiences you’ll always take with you, dancing your face off, and leaving the club in a state of ecstacy and exhaustion.

“I feel like I’m returning to my roots with this one because of Sneak and Melissa Sosa creating this whole House Gangster media blitz. I’ve been involved in projects with those guys for years including Blu Funk, All World, and now this. This is all about family and what this family stands for.”