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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Jun 18, 2014


From Scalea (Calabria), a small village in the south of Italy, ItaloBros are the latest addition to the Gangstercast roster, providing episode 37. The duo state that their music is “eclectic, creative and inquiring” and that they “do not like setting limits or categorising their sound in a conventional music genre” but listening to their productions and this Gangstercast it’s easy to spot their old school roots, as well as their Techno and deeper House influences.

When asked about their selection for the mix their reply is one of our favourites to date: “If you're a House Gangster, you do not need to select the music ... it all comes naturally!”

As with all of the guests on the Gangstercast, House music is more than just a passing fad, and Italobros explain, “House music is all for us, it is the history of dance music; everything is born and developed from this kind of music!! We grew up with these sounds, in fact our first vinyl bought was “Frankie Knuckles - Your Love” which we jealously preserve in the studio. For us, The House music is brotherhood, able to erase social barriers, uniting people of any age color and religion.

And of the House Gangster movement, they add, “For us it is a style and a philosophy of life, despite all the difficulties and trends, they never abandoned their roots; this is perhaps their secret. We describe the House Gangster sound as it hard, bad, addictive, old school roots are always present and can make you move continuously. In each of our DJ sets there is always the “House Gangster sound”.

We hope you enjoy this episode of the Gangstercast, and the final word goes to Italobros: “We would like to thank “the boss” Dj Sneak and the whole crew for appreciating our music and our agent Diego Dentico for having introduced them. It is an important recognition for us and hopefully it will be the first step to get into this fantastic family.”