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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

May 9, 2013

Gangstercast 10 - Harry Romero

Harry Romero: "What does house music mean to me? How do you describe something that is in your DNA? It's my first language."

And with that fine introduction, we are honoured and rather excited to welcome undisputed House legend Harry Romero to the Gangstercast.   Harry has been at the top of his game for more than 15 years - as one of the founding fathers and most prolific artists on Subliminal Records, as well as the creator too many cross-over and underground hits to mention, he has raised the bar for prime time dance floor anthems again and again. He also just released the awesome 3 tracks EP 'Back From Saturn' on our very own I'm A House Gangster label.

We asked Harry about his Gangstercast: "This mix represents me as an artist because at the root of me is Chicago, NY, NJ, London, and Paris. The music I play can be attributed in one way or another to these seminal places that have been a huge part of the development of me and house music.  The tracks chosen were to showcase the "BACK FROM SATURN" EP. Two of the three tracks are in the mix and it was important for me to paint a picture of what I would want to hear on a night out. It's not about hands in the air here, but it's more about getting back to dancing - isn't that part of the reason we go to night clubs?"

This ethos reflects the Harry Romero that can be found behind the decks all over the world every weekend: "The best form of flattery for me as a DJ is to have the people dancing. yes, hands in the air are cool too but it's all about sweating on the dancefloor."

Onto matters of what being a House Gangster is all about and Harry is down with the cause: "What House Gangster means to me is standing behind what you believe and staying the course no matter what. It means not selling yourself short or following the status quo. It means staying true to the essence of house music... the vibe and not the fashion. I would describe the House Gangster sound as pure groove. Not overdone. The few basic sounds the music contains is all you need to get your point across - it could be just a kick and a high hat but that kick and high hat is all you need to get that vibe across. It adheres to no formula and evokes a vibe from the days when this music was new and cutting edge. Everything is based around the beats. It's the antithesis to what is now called EDM, which is basically repackaged trance."