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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Jan 14, 2015

Gangstercast 51 is from Hamdi Toukabri aka Hamdi Ryder, who was born in 1992 in Tunis, Tunisia.

His passion for music started at the early age of 12 with his fascination of Old School, Hip Hop, and R & B. He then started mixing and making beats for local rappers under the pseudonym DJ Ryder. At age 14 he discovered the electronic music and started producing house and techno with a new aka (Hamdi RydEr). He was influenced by the DJ styles of artists such as Carl Cox and made his first track at the age of 15. He has been working hard on his production skills and had his first release in december 2009 & had many other releases with many good labels & received support from many respected dj’s such as Dj Sneak,Mark Farina,Phil Weeks & others .


Shortly before and after a great political shift in the Tunisian landscape ,he started playing in some of the best clubs and bar-lounges all over the country, having the ability to be faithful to his own style playing only real house music.He’s part of the tunisian artists who are building the Tunisian underground scene .


May 2013, he started his own party « Downtown Vibes » at a rooftop bar in his neigbourhood, supporting underground artists to showcase their skills and creating a good atmosphere in the downtown of Tunis. It was a success but first of all it was all about the love of the music …


House Gangster movement "is what it’s all about” Hamdi says. “House music for life ! It's a way you live music like a gangster, you respect what you listen to.”

When asked to describe the House Gangster sound, Hamdi states “House Gangster sound is the sound that makes you move with the flow of house music and feel it the right way !”

House music on the whole means a lot to Hamdi Ryder. “House music has taken a big part of my life since I started my career as dj/producer & I can tell you that I’m one of the only Tunisian DJs that stayed faithful to House music until now creating' an underground movement called "Downtown Vibes" in 2012 showcasing young talents that we don't see in Tunisian clubs. These talents can be seen in the private parties we organize in some unusual venues around Downtown Tunis to spread the word for House Music!”

Explaining to us how he chose the tracks and compiled this mix, he says “For this mix I chose the tracks that I'm feelin' the most when I'm playin' them & also some of my all- time favourites! So u can find some new, old and classic tracks!”

In telling us how this mix represents Hamdi as an artist, he says “This mix represents the sound that I love most in house music that go straight to the heart & soul and that make you jack!”


Finally, we asked Hamdi if there was anything special to mention about this mix, to which he replied; “It's all about feelings in this mix ! that's all I can say J”