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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Jun 5, 2014

Gangstercast 36 - EL CHINO

El Chino delivers what he considers his first live mix in over 10 years for episode 36 of the Gangstercast.  The mix was recorded off the cuff after Sneak (who made up his name) asked for it and, El Chino describes, “it showcases a range of house music that i have been playing throughout my life, most the tracks are on Vinyl and the music spans from 1991 onwards to fresh cuts from myself and my friends, some released and some not. Normally nowadays people do their perfect mixes off their laptops but I thought it would be nice to do a live mix with real mixing, no editing & just keeping it RAW.  I did at my home in Ibiza after being reunited with my treasured vinyl after many years of being absent from each other. It’s probably the 1st mix ever to showcase some of my new productions under my alias El Chino.”

House music is very close to El Chino’s heart and he explains some of the difficulties he has experienced in the scene over recent years, “I took a step back from DJing and producing for a short while to look at the scene from a different perspective, as it was soul destroying due to the fact that the industry is now unfortunately over saturated with fake ass talentless people who get paid a hell of a lot of money, who play shit music badly on laptops and too many of which cannot produce their own beats.  These so called artists were the guys who were on top of the game, playing at the time their so called “Underground” music, at this time Real House music was un cool and not trendy but now Real house music is tagged “Underground & Trendy”, so now all the pretentious DJ’s who were too cool for the House music skool back then are all now playing “House” music in todays so called “Underground” dancefloors from around the world.  House music is not a fad, its not fashion, its a part of life, Real Quality House music is timeless.”

The above leaves no doubt the El Chino is a bonafide House Gangster.  His take on it is that its about, “championing and keeping real house music and the original art of DJing alive, a collective of real purists who are all against the brain washing regime of awful electronic dance music which we are unfortunately exposed to in todays matrix system we call life. House Gangster Sound? BIG Drums & Percussion, BIG Subby Basslines, naughty little samples, Jacking Beats with Urban, Latin, Jazz, Techno, Deep House & Hip Hop Influences.