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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Sep 24, 2015

Producer & DJ Effluvia stepping up for his first Gangstercast - Effluvia had a hand in the production & writing of Magnetic's new single "Raynas" by "Destrada" for which he also produced the remix. His DJ mix is full of new tunes from labels like Dirtybird & Pots n Kettles - as well as a few classics from Strictly Rhythm and our own IAHG. Follow Effluvia on instragram @effluvia_

Effluvia describes this mix as a tribute to the musical journey that himself and studio partner Destrada have been on over the past year. With some of their original productions along with new song from "Raynas" that is about to be released on Sneak's 'Magnetic' imprint as well as  are some selections from the new "Pots n' Kettles" label imprint as well. 

To Effluvia I’M A HOUSE GANGSTER is all about massive flavor on the dancefloor-

Pumping sounds that are Soulful & Funky & give no damn to their Soulfulness or Funkiness. Which in my opinion can be the best kind of Soul & Funk; like a soul that doesn't give a shit or like unpretentious Funk that is walking the line with Punk; Exquisite.”

“House music has been the beat to my heart for many years now. I've been fortunate to have traveled the world thanks to House music. House has been my plane ticket, my meal ticket,  and its always made me feel like I'm holding a winning lottery ticket”

For this mix Effluvia has focused on some new tracks from people he respects as well as some of his all-time favourite tracks that he’s edited-up so as to create a certain vibe.

 “I like the juxtaposition of classics with new material; if the new material 'works' just as well as the classics, that's when you know you're dancing to quality


1. Hosse - Uno - Urbana Recordings
2. Sebastien Leger - Balideep - Temple of Lions
3. Destrada - Raynas - Magnetic
4. River Ocean featuring India - Yemaya Y Ochun - Strictly Rhythm
5. Shiba San - Planet Floor - Dirtybird
6. Kid Enigma - Banging On Skis - IAHG
7. Musashi - Miss Calculation - Pots n Kettles
8. Monty Luke - Panic Attack - Mothership
9. Michael Watford - Michaels Prayer -
10. Style of Eye - King Kazoo - Mothership
11. Destrada - Raynas (Effluvia Remix) - Magnetic
12. The Untouchables- Lil Louies Anthem - Strictly Rhythm
13. DC Larue - Cathedrals - Pyramid
14. The MD X-spress - God Made Me Phunky - Aspro
15. Pal Joey - hot music - Kool Groove Records