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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Sep 25, 2014

Gangstercast-44---DOC-MARTIN--590-bannerIf there was a house DJ in America who could accurately claim to be the most important house DJ working today, it would be Doc Martin. But then, Doc would never accept such a title even if it happens to be true, because Doc is not only a legendary talent but a legendarily humble man. It is therefore with great pride and respect that we finally welcome Doc Martin to the Gangstercast for two solid hours of low rider funk.

Doc Martin’s live sets truly bring people together. The variation in his style of music is endless. What makes him so different from the rest? A unique ability to spin everything from deep house vocals that have much depth and meaning to us all in some way, to his funky tribal bass lines mixed with threads of acid, his passive collection of classics rare records that are only to be heard at his gigs. When asked about what House music means to him, Doc’s opinion is one to take note of, “It's something that I became obsessed with in 86,and still am to this day. What other music has truly brought people from all over the world together. It put me on a different path emotionally, logically,and spiritually. I'm forever indebted to it.”

His viewpoint on the House Gangster movement is similarly wise, “What's fascinating about the whole House Gangster thing is that it goes beyond just one style of music. I see people from all styles of music,and different backgrounds who are into this. A community of people who are music first. On the outside looking in you would think it's just about banging beats. I think it's more of an attitude of pushing underground sounds from the past,and future. Skills are required for that, but also understanding of the music you are playing. People tend to play it safe but that isn't playing is it.”

Doc Martin has developed the respect as a house DJ that so many of us admire. It is this respect that keeps him constantly touring around the globe. Doc’s association with DJ Sneak extends back for years and the duo continue to delight audiences with their 4 deck 2 mixer sets.

Speaking of his mix for the Gangstercast Doc comments, “This mix was recorded live at an underground in LA called Oxygen. The vibe was very good that night. I like a bit of everything.The sets that I enjoy are the ones, where I get to flow between styles. This [recording] was one of those nights. One thing that I try to do is get caught in the moment. No planning mixes ahead. Just jump in feet first and trust yourself with what you do. Know your music and create with it.”