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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Dec 24, 2014

To celebrate the 50th episode of the Gangstercast, we bring you a very special mix from the master DJ Sneak himself, this Christmas Eve.  

When asking him if there was anything special to mention about this mix, he tells us; “Everything is special about it, but mostly the selection of music is what matters the most.”

“This mix is a good blend of all that I consider to be the house gangster jackin’ sound, we at IAHG take pride in delivering the best of house music.” Explains Sneak. In talking about how he compiled this mix, he goes onto say; “I never plan, often I just go with the flow, free styling my way thru the tracks till they all organically morph into the perfect blend.”

DJ Sneak describes the House Gangster Sound as “Hard banging deep house with some elements of Old School with today’s best upcoming beats”

In defining what house music means to Sneak, he states, “House Music has meant everything in my life since I first heard it in 1983, I was drawn to it instantly by the hypnotizing beats. The constant grooves & rhythms allowed me to get lost in the music even before I really even understood what it would mean to me. House Music will forever be part of my soul, even well after I’ve hang up my headphones.”

Staying true to the underground sound of house music, we asked sneak what the house gangster movement meant to him, to which he replied; “the House Gangster movement has always been about keeping it real to House Music and the Underground sound that many love!”


We Hope you enjoy this very special 50th episode of the Gangstercast! Happy Holidays from all of us at I’m A House Gangster HQ!!!! See you in the New Year!! J