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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Jun 8, 2016


DJ Bee brings episode 85 of the Gangstercast series, if there is one word that can identify Bee its house, a sound that he has always been loyal too. This sound had defined him as a person and as a DJ with the roots of house always presented in his sets. He has become known as a radio DJ and producer who wants to preserve what he sees pure in dance music. DJ Bee and radio is an inseparable union that has played a vital role in his career showcasing his unique sound on Spanish radio with the program “House Time” and “Bee Live”. One of his strengths in which a few DJs have in Spain is the capability to be consistent in his support for a personal and classic sound.


DJ Bee has played all around Spain and had a long period as a resident at Love Show that allowed him to earn the love and respect of the crowds wherever he plays. As a producer he had been building on a sound that he loves, generating the same passion and taste in music to be transmitted in all productions. Labels like Urbana, Conya, Kings Of Groove, Soulstar among others have released his music. These productions have allowed him to be recognised on the International circuit to earn him respect globally and not only as a DJ in Spain.


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We sat down with Bee and asked how this mix represents him as an artist, he said “I only have one thing in my mind and that is to play true house music. This mix shows the fun side of me in which I transmit my elements of true house, groove, energy and most of all fun.”


He went on to explain, “I identify myself 100% with the House Ganagster movement and I love being part of something like this. I’m attracted to the way it brings a society together for Electronic music in the world of sound. IAHG is a religion for the lovers of House. The artists, the sound and the look is just perfect and different from what you see at the moment and I am a IAHG soldier.”


We then asked how he chose the tracks for the mix? He explained “I did not plan the mix, I just opened my box and let it take me where the music wanted to go. I wanted to share my sound and vision and what is house to me.” He recorded the mix live in his studio with no studio tricks, just him, his decks and the mixer.