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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Apr 13, 2016

Episode 81 of the Gangstercast series is brought to us by Dennes Deen. Some call it classically trained. Others call it old school. Many call it the only way: Dennes Deen earned his stripes as a real DJ. Not as a DJ/producer. Not as a producer who has to play gigs to pay for his studio. Not because his management told him to. Dennes is a DJ. A deeply passionate one, who’s been hustling for 20 years.

One of Austria’s most in-demand DJs with a schedule that takes him around the world, Dennes – who beat 40,000 hopefuls to become a Burn Studios finalist in 2012 – has developed a large repertoire of releases to date on respected imprints such as Schönbrunner Perlen, LevelNONzero, Alchemy and DJ Sneak’s eminent beat brand I’m A House Gangster... A serious moment in any artist’s career, this is one especially significant for him, as Sneak’s ‘Keep On Groovin’’ was the first record Dennes bought as a DJ all those years ago.

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When we sat down with Dennes Deen we asked how this mix represents him as an artist and he said, "the mix is kind of a retrospective view over my resent sets. I love to play various, eclectic sets, because I find it pretty boring to play the same sound for hours. Thats why the mix consists of various subgenres - but in the end of the days I just want to play tunes with that certain 'groove'. No matter what genre ist is. Thats just me."

He went on to explain, "The 'House Gangster' movement is not just a hype for me. It's a philosophy. A way of living. Some people live Kung-Fu, others would die for Rock'n'Roll, 'I'm a House Gangster' is the way I live since 20 years."