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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Mar 26, 2014


BlakSpun is the collaboration between legendary UK producer, DJ and musician Mark Bell (aka Blakkat) and Jason Drummond, better known as seminal SF/NY DJ Spun and founder of the ground-breaking NYC label Rong Music. Born out of a mutual love of acid house, late nights and major sound systems, their futuristic approach to the original sound of house and techno is already garnering them worldwide support thanks to remixes released on Rong Music, Shaboom and Ellum Audio.

Blakkat and Spun consider themselves “lifers” in the House Gangster movement and as such it is fitting that their debut original EP, Space Powder, is released through I’m A House Gangster on 31st March 2014.  It kicks off what promises to be a huge year for the boys as they take their more sophisticated approach to the big room sound to the world. In addition to working with a who's who of house and disco royalty and the hundreds of production credits these two already have under their belts, Mark was an original member of multi-platnum selling Mercury prize winners M People and Spun was the longtime music curator at NY’s MoMA/PS1 museum.

On their mix, the duo state that it, “represents BlakSpun's roots from the birth of house, the trackhead and the acid sound, to the future of dance music. We wanted to show our take on the House Gangster sound with some known and under known Chicago classics, some more modern sounds, a nod to the trackheads, and a "Sneak" peak at BlakSpun's new I'm a House Gangster release.”

“House music is life, community, culture, family. House music is everything! Respect goes out to to the NY, SF, LA & CHI house community!”