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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Aug 26, 2016

Episode 90 of the Gangstercast series is brought to us by An-Beat who is a co head honcho of Moustache Label, all the way from Bello, Colombia. An-Beat also known as Andres Tamayo, is a DJ / music producer in genres Tech-House, Techno & Minimal. Over the years he has been influenced by house sounds from artists like Antoine Clamaran, Klaas, Trentemoller, Fedde Le Grand. Andres started to develop his musical style in 2007 with local influences, by the year of 2009 he achieved one of his principal goals; getting his music on the biggest store of electronic music in the world,

Now he is currently the owner of Moustache label, along with Camilo Do santos. His music has been supported by well known artists such as Claude Von Stroke, DJ Sneak, Maximiljan, Richie Hawtin, Joris Voorn, Karotte among other great artists.


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When we sat down with Andres, we asked how this mix represent him as an artist, to which he said “this mix represents my personal house style, which is an overall blend from the classic to modern, from the softer to the harder stuff.” 


He went on to explain what the House Gangster movement meant to him, “for me House Gangster besides behind home to some of my idols, is a lifestyle which inspired me and has helped focus my path in line with the music.”