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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Oct 23, 2013

Gangstercast 21 - AMINE EDGE & DANCE

Born in 1983 in South of France, Amine Edge is known as one of the symbolic figures of the "G House" movement. Basically called "Gangsta House", the name of this movement comes from the special atmosphere this music just kicks away: here comes another vision of the House music, a stunning combination between Funk’s deep basses and inspired by the latest 80s Hip House movement.  Together with production partner DANCE they are amongst the most prolific artists right now and have released music for Love Not Money, Neim, LouLou and 2DIY4 amongst countless others.

Amine Edge & DANCE live and breathe the House Gangster movement: "It's an attitude and a respect to our roots, real MEN who play real sh*t, not playing bad music to buy a ferrari and destroy the ears and the culture of the kids. It's not a fu**ing logo on a t-shirt, it's a state of mind, you are a House Gangster or you're not, there is no school for this, it's in your heart and your balls, we all know those DJs who have no balls and no heat or soul.

On their Gangstercast, the due say: "[The mix is an] opportunity for us to play some classics and house sh*t from our roots. Also an oportunity to our fans to see another face of our game tricks. We usually play our own still called G-House, for this mix we had to keep the House Gangster vibe, nothing more easy than this, we just had to listen some of our secret weapons and choose a 2h selection, loopy stuff, 90's mostly, and boom here he is.!

"House is our life, our reason to breathe, House or Death, there is no other solution. Lock your door, put your headphones loud, push play and touch yourself."