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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Dec 28, 2016

Episode 94 of the Gangstercast series is brought to us by 2Vilas aka Hector Avila & Carlos Vila. Hector, born in Ibiza and Carlos, born in Majorca met after working as sound and light technicians for Pacha Ibiza in 2008. Soon afterwards, both realized that each had a mutual love and talent for music and decided to begin an after party in Ibiza. From the very first set played together in 2008, a great musical collaboration was discovered by successfully merging together each one's style. Since then, Hector and Carlos have joined forces to form 2Vilas. They began producing and within a very short period of time have already released tracks with record labels: Isgud Records, Bondage Music, Straight Music, Anhura Records and WetCellarRecords.


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When we sat down with the guys, we asked how the mix represents them as an artists, they replied with “This mix is us 100%, it’s a vinyl only set, some records are from stores, such as Can Vinilo - Dacha or Subwaxbcn, some records are promo’s from friends and some records are from our new productions on our vinyl label (Wax isgud - Isla Records)”.


The guys went on to explain, what the House Gangster movement means to them “We have been following the house gangster movement for a long time… its old school, it sounds  Chicago, it sounds like the island and some of our influences in the studio come from here.”