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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Apr 24, 2013

Gangstercast 09 - RIKI INOCENTE

Born in 1977 in the UK town of Sheffield, Riki Inocente discovered House music after moving to London.  After a few years of religious record buying he was playing the best underground parties in London - at Ministry of Sound, The Arches, The Aquarium, Limelight, The Gas Club and Bagley’s, as well as starting his own BIG parties.  A spell in France led him to Phil Weeks and Robsoul Recordings who signed the track'Soultrain' for a sampler, which in turn led to hook-ups back in London with Hector Moralez, Chris Simmonds and Jordan Peak.  Producing music with Darren Roach of EBM under the moniker Bluntz & Roachez, the duo have signed music to Sneak's Magnetic Recordings, remixed for DJ Sneak Classics and will release an EP for our very own I'm A House Gangster imprint.

Riki's Gangstercast saw him selecting tracks that best represent his own sound: "Deep, tribal, underground house with heavy b'lines and solid drums; Music that makes you move, and messes with your mind."  Speaking of the House Gangster movement he says: "We are a family, I've met HG fam all over the world and the link between all of them is their love for good house music.  It doesn't matter if you make, play, or just listen to it, too many people have devoted there lives to this scene through the years to let men in suits and their puppets take the name of our culture and try and cross brand it with a commercial euro pop sound. I ain't goin' to roll like that.  And that's why I do what I do, and why House Gangsters all over the world are doin' it to."  Amen to that!