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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Apr 8, 2015

Justin Harris has been active as a DJ since 1987 and has been producing since 1994 in collaboration with Luke Solomon and under the names Robotic Movement, Free soul (with Diesel) and Oliloqui for labels like Classic (Luke Solomon and Derrick Carter), Phono, 20/20 Vision, and SSR. 
Justin Harris’ illustrious musical career kicked off way back in 1987 when he was a regular DJ at the first pioneering Acid House events in the UK. He later went on to become one half of the DJ partnership North & South (with Nigel Casey, House of 909), who were infamous on the Warehouse and free party / DiY circuit throughout the UK and Europe in the early 90's… a blur follows of free parties, thrills, pills, and belly on..

Upon moving to London in 1993, Justin turned his technical dexterity to the studio and began making some of the most innovative and left-field house music around. Seventeen years ago, he teamed up with Luke Solomon to create the ground breaking Freaks project. Freaks have over 80 productions under their belt, including remixes for artists such as Revlon9, Matthew Herbert, The Good Books, Kassabian, Soft Cell, The Human League, Derrick Carter, Greenskeepers, Tiefschwarz and Damon Albarn to name a few… and have themselves recorded for such esteemed labels as Perlon, Wally's Groove World, Classic, Playhouse, International Deejay Gigolo, Silver Network, Rebirth Records, Hot Creations, Crosstown Rebels and of course the legendary Music For Freaks (MFF) and Classic Recordings.

We asked Justin what House music means to him, to which he responded; “Don't want to sound cheesy but for me It's a lifestyle..... Not an hour goes past in any one day where it doesn't play some kind of a part in my life... It's quite simply all encompassing. House Music picked me up more than 25 years ago in the middle of what was a deep recession in the UK , it strapped me in and took me and a generation on a journey that is still going strong. I have literally devoted my working (and most of my social) life to House Music. What it has given me back far outweighs anything I could ever put in to it.”

Justin describes the House Gangster sound as; “Bumping, jacking and absolutely taking no prisoners..... I've known Sneak and his sound since the mid 90's when I first met him in Chicago (at Derrick Carter's place with Luke Solomon after a mad night of partying) and I've hung out and heard him play many times since .. his music always was about 'that' sound and it's great to see it get the recognition and respect it deserves.”

Justin continues to go onto say; “To me this movement means a solid and tight global crew. Whether producers, DJ's, artists, promoters, house music lovers, party heads, hustlers, record labels (and the list goes on).... We are all united by a love of House Music and therefore part of the same short it's all about the music.”

Asking Justin how he compiled his mix, he says; “I just imagined myself at one of your parties, took a bunch of records and CD's to select from that I would (and in the future will) play there and went for it.... had a great time doing it too.” 
Explaining how it represents him as an artist, he tells us; As an artist this mix represents my interpretation and understanding of the House Gangster sound and the vibe I get from it. It has tracks in it that date back more than 20 years as well as some pretty amazing new music with loads in between. I'd say it's a pretty good cross section of what moves me and has influenced my taste over the years.”

Finally, giving a special mention about this mix, Justin comments, “I'm totally stoked to be asked to do it... There are so many of my musical heroes who have supplied a Gangstercast and it's dope to be part of this movement.”

Justin has also included in his Gangstercast mix, his very own ‘Random Jazz’ – the title track of his EP , his debut release on the I’m A House Gangster imprint, on 13th April.

Here is the full tracklisting: 


1)Demuir - Childish Games - Treasured Grooves

2)O & A - Feel The Rhythm - Play It Down

3)Ninetoes - On Demand -  Play It Down

4)Natural Rhythm - Track for Mark - Natural Rhythm Music

5)Greenbay Jackers - Ride Yours Here - 294 records

6)Hector - Haunted - Tsuba Records

7)JT Donaldson - Vanguard Night - Vista Recordings

8)Justin Harris - Random Jazz vol - I'm A House Gangster

9)Natural Rhythm - Jazz Boogie - Natural Rhythm Music

10)Boe & Zak - Looking for Love - Classic Music Company

11)DJ Sneak (Sneaky traxxII) - Tribal Rhythm - Defiant

12)Phil Hooton - Afro Phunk - Phuture Rhythms

13)MadCut Up - Unknown White Label 

14)Justin Harris - Got Time To Move (David Duriez Remix) - Something Different

15)Dave Aju - Nu Threads (Freaksnuthreadsspeakeasymix) - Circus Recordings

16)Madness Last night - Lars Behrenroth - Deeper Shades Recordings

17)Evren Furtuna - Love Is Killing Me - Kolour Recordings

18)Michel Kleis - Gostech - Rebirth Recordings

19)The Players - Easy 2 Jam (Romains Jackin Out Dub) - Metro Trax

20)Kid Enigma - Unconditional - I'm A House Gangster

21)Ananda Project - Cascades Of Colour - Justin Harris Wamdue redoo

22)Michel Kleis - Marvinello - Rebirth Recordings