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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Jul 10, 2013

Gangstercast 14 - Joeski

Joeski steps up for Gangstercast 14 while his 'NY Raw' release (produced with Audio KoDe) for our label continues to do damage on the world's dance floors.

The mix showcases Joeski at his best, with almost two hours of music including one of his favourite Latin infused summer joints.  Joeski says he "went back to his roots" on the mix and that it "represents my culture and who i am as an artist".  We hear that loud and clear at IAHG HQ! Talking about the I'm A House Gangster sound he says it's "raw, jackin, banging, hypnotic, deep in your face house music".  We hear that loud and clear too!

Raised in Corona, a large Spanish area in the borough of Queens, New York, Joeski started playing house parties in 1989 and hasn't looked back since, staying true to the underground house sound throughout.  Building his reputation in the early 90's at New York clubs and events like The Limelight, NASA, Save The Robots, The Chocolate Factory and Together he was soon touring the world.  After building his studio and honing the craft of production at the end of the 90's, he exploded into people's attention with a series of tracks and remixes on Siesta, Tango, Electric Sol and more.  He also launched his own label Maya Records, which was highly sought after from the early releases thanks to his collaborations as part of 6400 Crew and outings with Onionz and D'Julz.  The label welcomed guests like Chus + Ceballos, Tony Senghore and Nick & Danny Chatelain.

The early success led to remix work for the likes of Sneaker Pimps, DajaĆ©, Delacy, Dirty Vegas, Medway and DJ Sneak, and collaborations with DJ Chus, John Creamer and Stephan K, Steve Smith (Dirty Vegas) and Matthias Heilbronn.  The results have graced labels such as Hooj Choons, NRK, Ministry, Stealth and Junior Boys Own.