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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Aug 13, 2014

Gangstercast 41 - FLASHMOB

Italian duo Flashmob are the latest high-profile act to join us on the Gangstercast as they deliver episode 41. Cracking the music industry is about as difficult an undertaking as you’re likely to embark on in a lifetime. Talent, passion, perseverance and an unerring work-ethic; to achieve even moderate success in the industry you need all of these qualities and more in abundance. So when Danny and Alessandro – now known under the ferociously successful Flashmob moniker – stepped away from their highly fruitful previous project to essentially start again from scratch, they were more than aware of the long, hard road ahead of them.

Flashmob began to take shape around 5 years ago and has become one of the most acclaimed, instantly recognisable production groups in house music. Riding a tidal wave of success generated by the ravenous response to singles ‘Brick House’, ‘Ninety Five’ and – most significantly – ‘Need In Me’ (which has now passed 3 million views on YouTube), Flashmob have carved an indelible niche for themselves, crafting sublimely unpretentious house music, the widespread appeal of which has been near unprecedented. Not many people’s records get spun by both Kerri Chandler at Pandemonium and Pete Tong at Pacha in the same season; the fact that Flashmob can count themselves as producers in this group goes some way to showing the global underground appeal of the records they make.

Danny and Alessandro gave us the lowdown on their sound and this mix, “Ours [sound] is RAW. We chose the tracks naturally. It's what we do :-)))) Nice and simple, dirty gangsta house shit!” and add about the the House Gangster movement, “It means real .. no bullshit!”