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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Jul 24, 2013

DJ Soydan - Gangstercast 15

Soydan joins us for episode 15 of the Gangstercast!  While being born in Germany and now being based in Waterford, Ireland, Soydan’s roots are in Turkey. His musical influences are firmly rooted in Chicago and DJ/Producers like Gemini, Derrick Carter and of course DJ Sneak. After setting up Yakuza Recordings in 2006, Soydan quickly found favour with other Chicago jocks including Mark Farina and DJ Heather, who licensed his tracks, and he has gone on to work with some of the scenes top labels, including Guesthouse, Shak and Maracuja.

Soydan's mix comes straight from the dance floor and is his vision of the perfect party with a jacking house soundtrack.  the tracks are mixed on the fly with no pre-planned selections.  He's firmly behind the House Gangster movement and the important role it plays in, in his words: "educating some young people about house music".  A true House Gangster himself Soydan says, "House music is in my life, all day, everyday, and also at night time in the studio".  There's nothing left to add other than, TURN IT UP!