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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Feb 25, 2015

Ahead of his forthcoming release “Past 2 Future” on ‘I’m A House Gangster’, next month, Gangstercast 54 comes from Demuir.

Demuir's eclectic house sound exudes funky, sexy, and soulful beats that is consistently recognized and sought by artists and house fans around the world. His DJ and production career has propelled him into a range of various house based genres (Jacking / Funky House, Techno, Tech-House), which has led to his music being featured on many respectable labels including: Great Lakes Audio (GLA), IAHG (I Am A House Gangster), DNH, Fogbank, Farris Wheel, and Doin' Work to name a few quickly gaining recognition and support in the global UDM (Underground Dance Music) scene. He even extends broadly and dabbles in Hip Hop and Samba as an extension of his musicianship playing a wide range of live instruments as well.

Demuir has received international nods and receiving play from DJ elites including Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Nick Holder, DJ Sneak, Doc Martin, J. Paul Getto, and Darius Syrossian.

Today, Demuir continues to gain respect for his unique funky / soulful house sounds with his latest EP, "Closer 2 U" (on Mark Farina's Great Lakes Audio label) with previous and consistent successes from other releases, that are regularly charted and supported by DJs worlwide. HIs focus continues to touch the world with his brand of house music and broadening his presence as a DJ and Producer internationally.

House music to Demuir means “openness, truth, and good vibes.” He explains, “It doesn't matter what part of the world or city you're in. When you go to a party that is reppin' house music, it is always centered in the love of the music and its' people. It doesn't matter what social status you have, the music and the community welcome you with open arms each and every time.”

The House Gangster movement, to Demuir, “represents a place of redefining and pushing boundaries while holding your own in the roots of house music.” He went onto say, “I, too, remember those days when electro and progressive ruled the clubs, festivals, and big rooms with only a few guys remaining true to the roots of house. The House Gangster always serves as a reminder to those who "jump ship" and beg for commercialism or doing things just because "everybody is doing" - that the underground house movement is here and lives on.”

When we asked Demuir to describe the House Gangster sound, he said “It's just real house music. By comparison to some of the stuff I hear in the broader House music genre, I would have to say the House Gangster sound welcomes true innovation and a sound that people's souls can connect to.”


Telling us how he chose the tracks in compiling this gangstercast mix, Demuir says “I went for tracks that supported the listener on a journey from funky jackin' beats to an organic, but twisted, tech house sound. I also chose tracks that were truthful in their genre, but brought something different to the table”

We asked Demuir to tell us how this mix represents him as an artist, to which he explained; “This mix is a peak into my versatility. I produce House, Jackin', Afro-House, Tech House, and Hip Hop instrumentals in addition to being a musician. I refuse to be held to one genre and my catalogue speaks to this point. This mix, in particular, takes you from Jackin' beats to Tech House, which is something I feel needs to be represented more because the 2 genres speak intimately to one another in their percussion, samples, and swing as they redefine their respective House and Techno ancestors.”


Finally, We asked Demuir if there was anything special to mention about this mix, To which he stated; “The mix includes "The Cheerleader", which is one of the tracks from my IAHG release, "Past 2 Future" EP. It's jackin' to its hard core roots of samples, big beats, and edgy vocal samples people can connect with.”