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I'm A House Gangster presents The Gangstercast

Jul 2, 2014


Chilean DJ and producer, Andre Butano, is a rising star both in his homeland and on the international house music scene. Originally working as a chef in some of Santiago’s finest restaurants his love of music gradually took him into new career. It was a good move, as his productions - released on labels including Kling Klong, 8bit, Anhura, Melisma, Brise, Amam, Robsoul and Natural Rhythm - have picked up plays from Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Brett Johnson, C-rock and Tobi Neumann.

As resident at several parties in Chile, including Club La Feria, Andre’s experience on the decks shines through in his Gangstercast, which he describes, “I choose my music for people to have fun, my identity is the basslines: fat, always with groove, percussion, synths, vocals and energetic rhythms.” The tracks in the mix cover, “old sounds with more modern things, things from friends and artists I like. I try to give a Chilean flavor.”

Andre explains that the mix was recorded, “100% live, with 3 CDJs from Club la Feria of which I am the resident” and adds, “I’m very proud of being invited to participate in this podcast of the master DJ Sneak. It is really a honor. Chile has lots of love to all those House Ganster addicts and now I already consider myself to be a South American HOUSE GANGSTER. I am try to educate a new generations in my country with House style. In Chile we are still playing with vinyl, old school house and very underground music. I am very proud to be the first Chilean artist to represent this movement, love it!!!